Monday, October 19, 2009

Which colours to teach my preschooler after she has mastered the basic colours?

Today, while my daughter & son were painting, I was wondering which colours to teach my preschooler,now that she already knows the basic colours.
In her Lapbooking class (more about this later),Zunairah is working on different activities related to the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon". In her Lapbook the teacher has mentioned about the different shades of purple such as lavender,lilac,plum,lilac,puce,eggplant,mauve,magenta,royal etc. I realized that I only know purple,violet,lavender & magenta out of all the colours.
Apart from the different shades of colours,I am also confused with burgundy and maroon and with hot pink,fuchsia and magenta. The list of colours in the wikipedia is quite useful in reminding us between the differences between the different shades of colours. However,I wish there was something more....maybe a website on colours which accurately names the different shades of red,yellow,blue,green,pink and yellow.
After the basic colours I have decided to teach Zunairah the following colours:
  • navy blue
  • peacock blue
  • cyan
  • tangerine
  • maroon
  • beige
  • lavender

Along the way I'll try to clear my own confusion about the different shades of colours.


Neelum said... never occurred to me that we should move on to shades and tinges of colors to increase the knowledge of the kiddos....i was pretty happy with the sound knowledge of colors that my son had !! Thanks M, I too will add to his color-know-how...

Malina said...

Yeah,I am also trying to move onto the shades of colours.It will enrich their vocabulary.