Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art class for my son

Yes...we did it...we enrolled our son at an Art class. We did not go looking for one, but it just so happened that we were at a mall and chanced upon this art class called Art Safari. They had a trial session of one hour, and then we could decide if we wanted to enroll or not.
So we sent Aadi for the trial session, while we roamed around in the mall, exploring one furniture store and eating lunch. Amol has written about this place where we lunched, you can read it at his blog. It was a Thai joint.
So after an hour of time pass we went to collect the bachha, and we were shown 2 sheets of paper, on one of them was drawn a small green apple, and on the other was a big, red apple with a nice vibrant color job, background all covered in color etc. So it was basically a 'Before' and 'After' situation. We saw what difference the instructions had made to my 4 year old son's creativity.
I was super impressed with the instructor as well, she was a sweet, bubbly girl who had a genuine affection for kids.
The Art Class is run at various locations in KL, and has been around for 10 years. The studio cum shop is very well equipped with colors of every category, shade, and texture. Other art and craft supplies are also in plenty stock.
They offer various classes, and for beginners and Aadi's age group they suggested we take the one-month class. This basically contains one-session per week, with a total of 4 sessions. Each session is of 2 hours. They will do 3 art sessions and one craft one.
This weekend was Aadi's 1st class, in which he drew a crocodile, and he did a good job, he honestly tells us what part was done by the teacher and what part he did, so I know what he is actually doing and what he is learning.
I am pretty impressed with the class and also I can see that Aadi is enjoying it totally.
So lets see what he does this Saturday for his 2nd art-class.
BTW the classes are run by the tomato creative art studio company.
I also found some photographs of the actual click here if you wish to see them.

Yes I know photographs are needed, but I have to only locate that cable that connects my phone to the PC and then I'm all set to upload them....
Now where did I keep that cable ??

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