Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our First Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Our first PTM took place on the 26th of September. My confidence was at an all time low thanks to the chums and then I was nervous about what I was supposed to be doing at an PTM !!
What would the teacher say to me? What will she ask me? Will she have nice things to say to me about my son? Will she have loads of complaints? Will she say that I need to be more focused on my son?...the works man...I was a nervous wreak to say the least.
To quell my nervousness and to be "prepared" for all eventualities I decided to go through my son's previous report cards from previous pre-schools. I mugged up all the points they had mentioned, I said them over and over again in my head. OK now I know lines that would make me appear 'intelligent' like.....'how goes he score on social-skills?'; 'does he interact with all his classmates?'; 'does he take instructions from teachers well?' ....'what are his favourite activities or subjects?'....and some more I was all set to be able to open my mouth and expect that pearls of wisdom flow from within !!
Next on my mind was....I had nothing 'suitable' to wear !!! What should a mom wear to a school? A saree? a salwar-suit..or a jeans? (skirts are out coz I don't wear them).
When Aadi was still a baby I had bought 2 cotton printed sarees, the ones that are stiff when you wear them....all the way from Nalli's in Mumbai......and when I was buying them I told my mom 'these are for Aadu's school functions' !! I was so stupid to do stupid for buying the sarees, stupid for stitching the saree-blouse at that time expecting to remain the same size when it was time to actually wear them !!! Needless to say I have doubled in size since I got them :(
So sarees were definitely ruled out for this PTM....
Next in line were some salwar-suits....and I finally chose to wear a white one, and I got out my brand new white sandals that I had purchased in Singapore from Clark's in Thomson Plaza. I had worn them only once on one of our wedding anniversaries, and since then they were neatly put away, in the wait of another 'suitable' day to wear them.
So dress chosen, shoes chosen, what else is needed? Nothing right? I was all set to take on the day.................but hey wait my toe nails look as though a cat had scratched off all the nail polish on them, they looked yuck !!
So I got out my nail-enhancing tools and got to work, and ended up with toe nails that looked neat, clean and nicely painted :)

This was just my account of how I prepared for the read the actual proceedings of that day do visit Aadityas' Dossier. There I have put a more serious account of what actually transpired that day.

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Malina said...

I can fully understand your apprehensions, Neelum.I also make a mental note of things to ask my child's teacher during parent teacher meetings.