Monday, October 5, 2009

Behaviour issues

The incident that I want to tell you all about took place this past Thursday. But before I go there I will have to build the suitable background to it.
There's this lady S in my condo and her son R is a year older than Aadi. They go to the same school. R takes the school van.
Since Monday the school van is coming in early and almost at the same time that Aadi and I get home. So from Monday I am offering to take R in through the lobby door since his mom is not around and does not know about the early arrival of the van. I of course call her in front of the 'responsible' van driver and tell S that her son is with me and that we're coming up. By the time the lift came down to the lobby level, S was down and we went up together. This happened daily and I happily took R inside with me, always making sure I let S know that her son is back from school.
On Thursday as we got down at our lobby after uncle dropped us home after school. I saw that the school van was also there (like all the previous days of the week) so this time I took R with me and did not call S, I thought I will go to her home to drop him off before heading off to my home. As I let R know of my plan, he yelled at me saying that 'I know my house, and I know my don't come to my house OK?' and this statement he said in a very rude tone, and which left me numb and dumbfounded not knowing how to react at this child's outburst at my good offer to leave him till his door !!
When the lift stopped at his floor, I was thankful to see S (the mom) standing there, so I just said a quick bye to R and headed home.

I was utterly shocked at the behaviour and I could not understand how a 5 year old could muster up so much rudeness in his speech to one aunty who has known for 2 years and who has been taking care of him by not letting him stand down in the lobby until his mother comes to fetch him !!
I don't know if I said anything to warrant for this behaviour, but I think what ever the case the child was very rude and that cannot be overlooked.
I blurted out the incident to my husband who asked me to stay away from the thankless brat.

This kid R has other issues as well (according to me), he touches and gropes his mother all over her tummy, her chest etc. and this goes on in full public view !! She does look embarrassed but I don't think she has taken any stern steps to stop this behavior. She always complains that R (her son) does not listen to her, and that she has to keep screaming at her. Once the kid gave me a tap on my hand and when he saw that I did not mind it, he went on hitting me until I said 'stop hitting me' in a stern voice. Goshhhhhh I was so horrified...

Getting back to the Thursday incident; believe me if my son would have spoken to anyone in that tone he would get a tight rap from me and a reprimand of not doing it again to anyone.
I though if telling the mother S about it, but then decided not to.

Did I do the right thing?

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Swati said...

Ohh I faced some similiar issues recently with one of my friend's son. Cannot really tell it to his mom , since moms can never take critism of their kids in healthy way