Thursday, October 29, 2009

Craft Idea - Building made of toothpaste box

Few weeks back (or was it months???) while Aadi was staying at home due to the H1N1 fear in his school, we used to do art and craft projects.
This one here is a building that we created using a toothpaste box/cover.

What you need: One toothpaste box/cover, some colored paper, glue, pencil, color pens (shiny), scissors, and plenty of patience.

How to get it done:
  • Cut out a sheet of paper making it the exact size of the box so as to cover all sides. Also cut out 2 squares to fit the top and bottom.
  • Stick this paper to the box
  • Using other color papers cut out doors and windows. Stick them on as well.
  • Now with the shiny pens shade out or outline the doors and windows. Here I have shaded the windows so as to get the light-shining effect. The black window means that the office is shut and the orange is where people are still working. My building is a night-view version !!
  • My son loved to stick the windows onto the building, and then announced it as Papa's office. Later in the day it became our residential tower !!
  • Enjoy making this oh-so-simple craft, you could make multiple buildings and then the kids can play 'city'.

This was the 'Building' that I made with Aadi some time back.


Malina said...
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Malina said...

Really,really cool,Neelum! Love the "window" effect that u have done.The idea of lit and unlit windows is also very creative!

MM said...

What a cool idea!!! I'm going to try it this week.. :)
maybe next week.. down with fever..

Smita said...

Very cute and creative!!!

mim said...

this is so cute!
very creative.
my firstborn would love doing this.
only baby param would throw a spanner in the works.

Swati said...

nice idea