Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Killa (fort)

These are two (not so good) shots of our Diwali Killa (fort) that we made for Aadu.
The base is a blue plastic tray that we usually use to keep Aadu's drawing papers. The outer wall is made up of Pizza boxes cut up and painted. Inside it the maid body of the fort has a base of soil and we used a toy bucket (up side down) to create to height variations.
The blue/purple cup that you see is supposed to be our water well. The trees were made by moi, just used some sticks as the trunk then the leafy part was cut out from thick paper painted in hues of green. the cut up paper was stuck to the truck with cello-tape and also some stapler pins.
We sowed some mustard seeds - that resulted in the green growth all over the Killa.
The idols of Shivaji, his Mavla (soldier) and the Gavlan (village milk lady) were made using white clay that we bought from Aadu's art class shop. They use this clay to make various articles. This is not play-dough clay but more like pre-kneaded plaster or paris. Very soft to use and finish was also good.
I may have some better photos of the killa, I promise to upload later...that is if I find them.


Malina said...

Wow to the power 100! You & Amol did a super job!You guys are so creative!The clay that u used,is it air dry clay?And did u make the body also with air dry clay?

Malina said...

the human bodies I mean.

Mohan said...

Hmm good one. It has come out good! Like the creativity part of using clay, paper and mustard greenery :)

Shruti said...

Sooooooo Creative! After reading ur post I was all set to make a killa of my own! but I dropped it when I could not think of a way to get shivaji's putla!! I asked aayi to buy it n keep for this year n the next we'll do it too!

Nice effort ... n thanks for bringing back all memories of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

That was really creative....esp the statues.Brought back childhood memories....!!!!

Anonymous said...

very good.You gave us the inspiration to make our killa .my kids are loving it.

MindfulMeanderer said...

Hi Neelum, I would like to use ur Shivaji killa pic at my blog for Diwali moments. I have given a link back to this post. I hope thats ok. Else mail me and i'll take it down asap. Love, Shruti