Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toy Library in KL

Children love toys and there are just so many to choose from these days. From Barney plush toys, to train sets, to the latest Shrek figures, kids can never get enough. But new toys hit the stores every single day and parents sometimes find it hard to keep up. What do you do when your little one gets bored of the toy? Chuck it away and buy new ones? Seems like such a waste, but she is your little princess!

Now in Kuala Lumpur there’s an answer: two toy libraries run by Total Genius Sdn Bhd, where children can visit and play in a toy heaven! There are teddy bears, lego blocks, wooden toys…. plenty to choose from! The children can play with which ever toy they choose and they can even take them home for a small fee. (Broken toys have to be replaced of course.)

The first toy library in KL is in Tropics Shopping Centre at Damansara Perdana, and the next one is opening in Chow Kit very soon. Parents are charged a very small fee to help maintain the libraries and to let the poorer children enjoy the facilities for free. For RM 12 you can sponsor a child to let him or her borrow toys from the library, a small price to pay to bring a smile to their faces.

Great start to a great idea I must say !! I am definitely going to check out the place.

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