Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bachelor evening

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last evening. It was a typical later October London afternoon - grey, wet and gloomy - and we set out for Canary Wharf to do a spot of shopping. Once finished, we decided to do something different.
We called one of our friends who lives nearby (and is blissfully enjoying the single life), and pretty much said that we were going to visit him. I haven't done an unannounced visit on anyone in a long time and just doing it made me feel so good. It was nice to go somewhere and just relax. The guys decided to have some beer and they very thoughtfully bought me a bottle of root beer (non-alcoholic beverage that somehow reminded me of iodex). So i was trying out to relive my single life, having a drink out of a bottle as opposed to glasses and must say this - it was quite liberating. For once, Mihir, who loves exploring every nook and cranny, had a go at everything in sight and wasn't told off (although i set about protecting their much loved gizmos by blocking his access with chairs, tables, pillows - anything in sight - he still enjoyed himself and didn't complain and seemed to be quite interested in just discovering some way past it). He loved the indulgence - no toys in sight and nothing else that he could really destroy. He also did them a great favour by licking their tables clean. I was very worried and feeling guilty about trashing their place - but they assured me its much worse when their friends come over (yes i guess a toddler is never competition to partying single adults).
Having pizzas, eating a lovely tiramisu and having a swig of root beer, made one hell of a relaxing evening. And the icing on the cake was a happy child who was in dreamland by the time we got back home.

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