Thursday, October 18, 2007

I wish I had compiled a pregnancy journal !

I went through two pregnancies and thanks to god both of them were smooth as far as my and of course the foetuses' health was concerned. In the first pregnancy I had some problems in the beginning and the gynaec had said that there was a possibility of miscarriage but thankfully that did not happen and I went on to deliver a healthy term baby.

During my pregnancy I used to love reading about it in books and in the internet. My favourite website for looking up information on the various stages of pregnancy was and a book by Heather Welford about pregnancy was my constant companion. In my first pregnancy I was very busy as I was working but I managed to do antenatal exercises which really helped me a lot and I think it was the major factor behind my normal delivery. My second pregnancy was unplanned and I did not really take much care of myself during that time. During my second pregnancy my hubby accepted a job offer from Singapore and so towards the end of the second birth the process of relocation had already started. So it was a time of some major changes in our lives.

However, I have one BIG REGRET and that is I did not maintain a pregnancy journal. I think if I had done it then it would have been wonderful to look at it a few years down the line. Neelum did give me the idea of writing a journal but somehow I could not get myself to start it.

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