Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hair-day on Sunday & more...

Today my husband & I have decided to spend some time & effort on our hair. I have mixed together a good amount of henna powder with some amla powder, coffee & used tea-water to get all this into a thin paste. When we're ready to put it on our head, I am going to add a few egg-yolks or yogurt. This option exists because hubby dear does not like egg-smell sometimes. Since it is raining today i will have to add some cloves also to this mix to avoid catching a cold.
And yes...I am finally going to use the iron-wok that my Mum sent me!!
Zee TV is broadcasting the Sharukh Khan movie 'Badshaah' in the afternoon so that will be a good watch with some good lunch in hand. Evening time we hope to make it to the park with Aadi and his new cycle. I want to also meet up with Malina & meet Naazu who is finally recovering from a bad bout of Roseola. I just hate it when kids are ill, especially since they can't tell us what is happening to them & how they are feeling.
Yes..before I forget, I must tell you guys about our dinner last night. We were at the Food Republic at the Suntec Convention Center, and Ranz told us about this place for good chicken-rice. We all dug-into the tender chicken & lovely fragrant rice. These were accompanied by a very tasty soup, some red chili paste/sauce & ginger sauce. I must say that this was the first time that I had ginger sauce & it made the entire meal very yummmm
Some steamed greens were served with soya sauce. I enjoyed the meal & Aadi also liked the rice, he kept asking me for "bhaat-bhaat". The lovely dinner was finished off with a watermelon juice. Post dinner we scampered off to the Merlion near the beautiful Durian shaped Esplanade Theater.
Chalo hope you guys have a wonderful & restful Sunday!!

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