Monday, October 8, 2007

The latest on my bookshelf and DVD shelf.

Last week, on one rainy day, i had enough of the bookshelf at home and decided i need some different books. So on went the pram's rain cover, and armed with my much used umbrella and of course the oyster, we (Mihir and I) visited our local library.

So my bookshelf now has these additions:
The yummy mummy's survival guide - thats a handbook written for mothers to help them deal with what their babies will throw at them, written in the legally blond style - lots of emphasis on self-pampering there - i quite enjoyed it - although its not one hundred percent me - i was glad to know that i am not the only one facing the baby challenges and reacting in not so very pleasant ways.
Michael Palin's Himalaya - this a travelogue about Palin's travels through the great Himalayan mountains - i am reading it right now and love every minute of it - just waiting for the day when i can do such a journey.
An introduction to child development - this looked very interesting and have just started reading it - Psychology has always fascinated me.
Mythology - this is one of the eyewitness guides - love all the pictures in this book and since i have always been interested in the Indian and Greek mythological stories, this tells me there is a treasure trove out there from various other civilizations.
Babies and Young Children - Certificate in Child Care and Education - i just picked this book up because i wanted to see what the prescribed curriculum has to say on the subject.

Mihir's bookshelf now has:
Thats not my train...
Thats not my tractor...
Maisy Dresses Up
Play with Spot
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (dual language version with English and Albanian)

And as if thats not all, i also went and borrowed some DVDs from the local video library
I now have the Harry Potter movies - Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire - just thought i would revise before i got around to borrowing the latest
and one Jennifer Aniston movie - cant remember the name.

So now that my bookshelf and DVD shelf is well stocked - this week should be a breeze for both of us - till Baba gets back home.

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Malina said...

Wow, Sonie your bookshelf looks interesting!! Do give feedback after you finish reading the books.There is a program in Discovery Home & Health called "Yummy Mummy". Is the book related to that?