Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An old favorite - Main Hoon Na

A few weeks ago, Friday was a wet and gloomy day and so we decided to cheer ourselves up watching one of my favorite movies - main hoon na. Incidentally it translates to "i'm here now" - i always love reading the english subtitles with my old favorites - and they never cease to amuse me - but i guess that's only because nothing can ever capture the essence of the original language the films are made in. Anyway, after meandering down an unrelated path, coming back to the intended original one - there are several things i like about this movie and i thought i will list them here for you - and then you can add on to the list or you can add all the things that you dislike about it - and hopefully our mutual knowledge of this movie will be enhanced. (By now you must have guessed that making lists is second nature to me, maybe something to do with the years spent making powerpoint presentations)
  • i love the fact that its all goody goody and glossy. And i just simply love the fact that the Principal loves reading harry potter.. now that's a school i would like to go to.
  • the army connection - and the way in which the principal always messes up with the ranks. Just so that you never ever mess it up, i have listed them here.
    • Army Officer Ranks: General, Lt. General, Major General, Brigadier, Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant
    • Army Junior Commissioned Officer Ranks: Subedar Major, Subedar, Naib Subedar
    • Army Non-commissioned Ranks: Company Havildar Major, Havildar, Naik, Lance Naik, Sepoy
    • Navy Officer Ranks: Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lieutenant, Sub Lieutenant
    • Air force Officer Ranks: Air Chief Marshal, Air Marshal, Air Vice Marshal, Air Commodore, Group Captain, Wing Commander, Squadron Leader, Flight Lieutenant, Flying Officer
  • The violins and huge fans blowing whenever the gorgeous Sush makes an entry - makes it the ultimate 60's Bollywood fantasy.
  • And the inspiration from other movies - Sholay (the cycle rickshaw called Dhanno), Matrix (all kinds of elasticated movements), RD Burman music (i must say not distastefully remixed), my all time favourite Amol Palekar's Golmaal, a touch of Masoom, love triangles- all expertly weaved in - to make a chocolate entertainer. I wonder if there is a little bit of Die Hard at the end what with hostages and fire in the background.
  • The weird teachers - the Hindi teacher Mrs Kakkad who keeps knitting, and the physics teacher who keeps spraying everyone, and of course the chemistry teacher who sets every guy's heart racing - i am sure this will remind us all of our school and college days - and the perfect touch of the office window of the i-card office closing just when you finally reach it.
  • And last but not the least - there are some hilarious originals - like "he is one of those sata savitra types" that have you chuckling all through the movie.
All in all it would be fair to say that it did manage to light up my dull and gloomy Friday evening, so lots of points for that.


Malina said...

Sonia, Belive it or not I haven't watched "Main Hoo Na" yet. Ofcourse I know the theme from friends who have watched and from trailers.But after going through your post I have really decided to watch it.And you are so right about the subtitles. They are quite amusing at times.

himali said...

Its a great time pass movie. I dont like SRK. He hams a lot and sometimes overacts. As you said its all glossy and goody goody but very predictable....having said that I still watched it:):) great getaway.

Neelum said...

hey i hate SRK's teeth in the movie...they are sooo yellow n dirty!! i like the movie none the less. One movie i watch if i want to shed some tears n feel light is kabhi alvida na kehna...actually i cry in all movies...but this one does the trick on a bad rainy, gloomy day !