Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weightloss woes!

I got on the weighing scale yesterday and guess what? The scale has moved in the wrong direction again! I was devastated and ironically this time I have gained weight because I have been reading about health and weightloss (can you beat that?). Since reading used to take up my time I skipped exercise and devoted that time to browse through books on diet, weightloss and exercise.

However, now I have decided to take this weight gain in my stride and work towards some lifestyle changes which will help me lose a bit of weight before I go to my hometown in December. I want to look good for my son's birthday which, god willing, we will celebrate in December.

People say that women never really lose the weight from the second pregnancy and I think that there is some truth in it. Not that I believe that this statement is true but I feel that it is much more difficult after a second pregnancy. The weight kind of clings onto you and does not want to leave. I have been nursing and I don't think that makes much of a difference!

In the coming days I'll be writing more about my lifestyle changes!

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