Friday, October 26, 2007

Weightloss woes! Continued.......

I am trying to make small changes at a time because when we change our diet drastically weightloss happens but it often cannot be sustained. Most of the times, I eat healthfully. I am perfect during daytime and I eat all healthy stuff in the right portions however, come evening and I will raid the fridge and gobble up chocolates or make myself a hot cup of "Milo" or have some crisps.

For the time being I have made the following changes in my lifestyle :
  • I am doing "cardio" four times a week
  • I stretch three times a day (my stretching sessions are very short...around five minutes)
  • I am doing abdominal exercises thrice a week (I follow Denise Austin's abdominal exercises)

So for the time being I am only concentrating on the exercise part and have made no changes to my diet. I just wish I could lose the weight overnight like in the "Atkins Diet" but I realize now that there is no healthy short-cut to weight loss!!!!

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Neelum said...

I like the idea of making small changes at a time as they are easier to do & follow through. I really admire you for your effort and pray that you will stick to it & get the desired results !! All the best