Monday, November 12, 2007

Nostalgic about Singapore

This is my first post away from Singapore, and I can already think of many things that are reminding me of Singapore..
As soon as we landed in KL, I found myself squeezing into the taxis, as I am so used to the huge taxis in Singapore. The small size of the taxis also acted as an impetus to lose weight!! While we’re still at taxis, I must tell you that the taxi-drivers in S’pore know the city very well, here they have to be guided and of course, never in S’pore did a taxi driver say that he did not want to go where I want to go….but here…they do tell you “cannot go lah!!”.
We are just 1 day in KL, & we spent some time yesterday exploring our condo, Aadi was impressed with the swimming pool, and the kids play ground. We also went to check out the gym & saw some brand new equipment there, and let me put it in writing that I promise to go gym-ing. The tennis court is located on the 2nd floor of the club house and has a great view around. I did see 2 squash courts, a table-tennis table, an entertainment hall, and yes a barbeque pit too (Ranz since we did not have a BBQ party at your place, we can have one come soon!!)
I was a bit sceptical about how my son would handle the move, but he seems to be at ease & loves the huge windows all around the house through which he can see the sky, birds, planes, trees, cars..even I love the view. I will post some photos as soon as I am done un-packing & find my camera equipment intact.
Yesterday in the evening we also visited my favourite Mid Valley Mega Mall, we did not explore it but just stuck to our agenda of food & buying a bed-sheet & water-filter. For food we went to Annalakshmi as I used to love the authentic Indian food there, but I was so badly let down, the food was a fusion sorts part Chinese, part Malay, Part Indian & the service was also poor, I mean it is a self-service place but they used to have volunteers serving water etc. So in between eating & feeding Aadi plus entertaining him we were making rounds to get water. The place also did not look clean to me as there were some insects around our table (yuck !!)
After the walk through the mall & a quick tour of Carrefour, we headed home.
Coming back to the house, Aadi loves to play with the curtains & he calls out to Aaba, Anand, Mishi, Fafa, Dada, Nani, Papa…it is fun to watch him do that.
The packers have got our things today & the boxes have all piled up in each room, so there is plenty of work ahead.
Before I forget, in KL everyone wants to smile at you, I love the people-to-people contact here, the warmth of the people is really amazing!! This is something that I did miss in Singapore.

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