Saturday, November 24, 2007

Om Shanti Om

Well after all that bickering about where I am and how I was happier where I was, I guess the time has come for me to share some good experiences with you. We went to see OSO (short for Om Shanti Om), actually the second day first show here which was at 11:30 AM. It was a Saturday so we had to make some efforts to wake up early, & get done with potty time for Aadi & breakfast, making his lunch etc. Needless to say that hubby darling takes the longest to step out of the door.
This was to be our first movie at Mid Valley Megamall with Aadi, we had told him what we were going to watch & he seemed OK with the idea. He likes the songs Dard-e-disco, ajab-si, main agar kahoon, as they were all sung by his favourites in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.
We were to collect our tickets 45 minutes before the show (we had booked online) so that left us with some time to wander around the mall. In all this time Aadi decided to take a nap, and I must admire his timing as he woke up just as the movie was beginning!! We enjoyed the movie, the songs made Aadi sit up as he tried to grasp all that was happening. But when there were too many dialogues, he covered his ears with his hands!! I don't know what that was for.
I liked Deepika & Shreyas, and Kiron Kher was amazing yet again!! There is no need for me to mention SRK as he is 'the' thing about the movie & even though I don't like him much, he managed to wow me with his six-packs..well...well not the visible or should I say the physical aspect of it but the very fact that he at his age had that much determination & will power to put in all that hard work to achieve that look !!
Most of all I loved the central theme of the movie which is based on the book 'The Secret' that if you desire something with all your heart and soul, the entire universe conspires to let you have it.
All in all an entertaining movie which was a bit below my expectations, as I expected a lot more with that theme from Farah Khan.

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himali said...

I like the way Farah Khan exaggerates her cinema, although Iam not a great fan of her movies, but they are good timepass where you dont have to use ure brains. The whole 70's drama of the actors and the 90's actors wanting an item song and their fav. dialogue of the movie: YENNA RASCALAAAA ... MIND IT!!!!! lol