Monday, November 12, 2007

What is wronge with me??

I am still not over my nostalgic feelings for Singapore....I am not a person to brood over something, I rather look at the situation (location) at hand and see to it that I make all possible efforts to make my life better. But every time I think of doing something here, I rewind to how & when I did the same thing in S'pore!! I love the current house, but it does not have a fresh market nearby nor is there a supermarket close by. (By close by I mean walking distance.) things that I took for granted there are missing here, I don't have a doctor nearby, & there I could walk to my doctor's clinic within 4 minutes !! My hubby had chosen a very good locality for us there, but here I find that I am greatly at loss...every time I want to go out I will need a taxi & that my friends are hard to come by in our area. There I go again !! I am rattling on my woes to you all!! I think the reasons why I am going through this un-natural phase is because of the terrible experience I had on the very second day of coming here, I had to rush my son to the hospital as he had a mild febrile seizure in course of his viral fever, my phone lines were not up & I had no way to call Amol or the emergency hotline...I was off I ran out of my door with my son in hand & screamed as loud as I could for help & by the grace of God I had a lot of ladies coming in to help me & rushing us to the Hospital. I shall be eternally thankful to all of them for their timely help that day. I was so mortified by the fact that I was stuck in a helpless situation (I like being prepared & in control) so I broke down as I called my mom & asked my brother to take the next available flight & be with me. Aadi was also glad to see his Mama around & plus the hospital was very good, staff excellent. The children's ward was very well decorated in cartoon characters, horse, monkey, joker. Aadi's room had a joker theme & it felt pleasant to be there even though we were all worried & a bit tensed. I am talking about Pantai Medical Center. This is the very place that I went to when I was pregnant with Aadi & I asked Amol to ask Dr. Narayanan (my gynaec & obs then) to come & visit us. Believe me when I saw Dr. Narayanan walk through that door I was so relieved & felt very safe. God bless him!!
After this scary episode we had little enthusiasm for setting up home & went about getting things out when required. But my brother & hubby both worked very hard in emptying off a lot of boxes.
This episode is I think one of the reasons why I feel I was better off in S'pore. The second reason is leaving Malina, Iba, Nazu, Faisal, Anand, Ranjeeta, CS behind. We have a lot of memories of good times spent together. I miss calling up Malina at the spur of the moment & just asking "what you doin?", making plans to go out, Iba & Aadi playing & fighting over that toy stroller!! Goshhhhh let me not go on...or I might start crying again!!
I am an eternal optimist, so I know I will surface & get over my phase.
On the lighter side of things I have not seen more than 2 ladies in short-shorts!! I am actually seeing a whole lot of fully clothed ladies & girls & it sure feels good to the eyes.
So to finish off this post I want to tell all of you not to take things for granted & always be prepared before hand like having a working phone line & mobile phone before you move to a new location & a list of all important numbers.


Amolsledge said...

Hmm!!! The first experience is rather one which tends to be in your mind more than any other experiences later in the same place. I guess, it was sure an eye opener for us to experience which no parent should experience at all. I knew it was going to be tough coming out of singapore, but it could be this bad, was not something I had imagined. I sure admire the ease of life Singapore has given to all the residents there, apart from of course the cost factor which is become crucial for expats to think about continue to stay in Singapore or get back to home country..
Nonetheless, as neelum has rightly put, its always ready to be prepared for emergencies at all times not just when you are moving to a new place and specially if you are with kids, infants. One never knows, what it is going to be when something un predictable happens suddenly.
I am sure you shall get over this incident and i guess, time will heal the wounds. secondly, getting towards a busier lifestyle will make it easier. doing something what you life will make things comfortable.. and well.. friends are just a phone call away.. so no harm in calling them.. and well atleast now we have internet.. so it will be easier.
don't worry... nothing is wrong.. it is just the initial settling down.. I too felt a jolt when I switched jobs.. its hard to cope in the initial days..

Sonia said...

come on Neelum, you are one of the toughest people i know and you welcome any adventure with open arms and lots of optimism. i mean your sheer presence of mind on being confronted by a challenge is testimony to your strength - so live it up - i am so sure that it no time you will be the authority on life in KL. like i say it you are the sizzle of theseasoning.

Ketaki said...

Right now am brushing a bit of mist in my eyes. Hey you are a citizen of the world. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.
Hope your son's OK now and your home's all set up. All the best for your life in KL.