Thursday, July 12, 2007

What western wear would look good on you?

A few days back as I was flipping through the July issue of the "O Magazine". I came across a website ( listed under 'Editors' Choice'.

I was delighted to see a website that showed us what we can wear & what would look good on us. The site is like a match-maker. All I had to do was to fill in my measurements (there was a detailed picture and description for accurate measurement), and style preferences.

After getting the measuring tape around me a number of times, some times wondering if the tape is going to be sufficient to measure the circumference of certain areas!! I was finally done with filling in the measurement details. I then answered a few questions like 'what is my preference for fitting of clothes', 'where I wear my pants: at waist, below waist etc', 'what my color palette is'. The questions also dwelled into how much I spend on accessories, and which designer label or brands I prefer. Basically they were all related to finding my style & fitting preferences.

After filling in all the details I was told that I belonged to a certain category of body shapes (noo.. i am not going to tell you which one !!). They have 7 categories for body shape.
Then I saw 3 pages full of beautiful clothes that would suit by body type and make the most of the "flaws" of my mommy-body.

The site is good and the results left me feeling that girls like me who have zero knowledge about western wear can benefit immensely from this site.

As a member of this site, one can have a personal online store with clothing matched to ones shape & preferences along with free shipping and free returns. Note: They ship only within the USA.

For all those lucky girls in the USA, in case you do not have a tape measure, myShape actually sends you one, all you have to do is drop them a line along with your address.

For others out of USA, we still can benefit, as we can actually see what will look good on us; and based on the results shown on myShape we can keep our eyes open at the western wear section on our next shopping trip.

Happy hunting !!


Sonia said...

this is fantastic - i will check this one out - atleast then i can go straight to the section without browsing through the entire store.

Malina said...

Yeah,this will save a lot of time.

Himali said...

A nice site, good one for those mommies who still have the baby fat MOI!!!! Keep up the good work...

thePizzazzy said...

After all that baby talk, this sure was a good break and useful for someone like me too (without mummy fat around my tummy), who gotta wear all those formals to office and look good. The site myShape looks good and am planning to indulge in western skirts and blouses now. :-)