Friday, July 6, 2007

"Cars" The Movie

Ever since my 22 months old son has seen the movie 'Cars', he goes "Ca..Caa..Caaa" whenever (and I mean every few hours) that he wants to watch a clip of the movie on good old At first I was OK with him watching a couple of clips, and I was not surprised to find myself enjoying it too !!He even points the remote controls to the TV and tries to switch it on, all along yelling...(you guessed it right!!) "Ca..Caa...Caaa"

The movie is sooooo good that it appeals to every age group. I remember watching the movie with my husband when we were in KL (and I was pregnant), it was an instant hit with us and we bought the CD immediately and since then and now that our son enjoys it too; Cars has been added to our weekend 'must-watch' list.My son is too young to understand the story-line etc but I am sure he can make out all the different cars and other automobiles featured in the movie.

His favourite is the hero 'Lightning MacQueen '; and is baffled by the fact that the cars in the movie have eyes..& he tries to figure out why the ones on the road do not !!Wow if a movie can make a toddler think and learn so much...what more does a mother want??

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