Monday, July 9, 2007

Table food for teething baby

My teething seven month old prefers "table food" over pureed homemade or commercial baby food. Ever since he started solids he showed an interest in whatever we were eating. However, I am very scared of "choking incidents " ( I did encounter one in the past ) and so I diligently avoided giving him anything but pureed food.

Since the last few days my baby has been turning away his head and spitting out the rice cereals that I have been giving him with venegeance. So today during our dinner I mashed some rice with "chicken korma" and fed it to him by hand. Ofcourse, I made sure that the lumps were manageable for him. My baby was delighted to be able to explore "new textures" and he chewed or rather "gummed" the food very energetically. And I got a "gummy smile" as my reward for giving him what he wanted i.e. "table food".


Amolsledge said...

Kids are nowdays very smart and tend to pick up the habits and liking from people around them.
I remember Aadi coming to me whenever I use to sit with my food plate to eat even if he has had his lunch or dinner on certain occassions. Their mind is very curious and somehow they find the colors in of the food in our plates more tempting than usually what they would have. In our case, whenever I sit with a plate of Banana chips Aadi will come to me and start pointing his fingers to his mouth & looking at the plate. I will usually then crush the chips and give him in his small dish & he will be enjoying the dish like a king.
Initial days Neelum use to be scared of doing this, but then we realised it really makes aadi happy & try new foods. Maggi or pasta is another delicacy which aadi likes very much and will usually finish his share served to him.
One other thing that happens is that you are making your kid a part of your table environment which is something I feel they enjoy. So do encourage this, and as you are already taking care of giving small morsels and avoiding big chunks of food, continue to do this.

Malina said...

Yes, you are right actually. Even Ibnat likes to be a part of the family mealtimes. Yesterday she sat with us and eat little morsels of different kinds of curry...I guess they like new tastes and at the same time they want to participate in mealtime activities which not only food but also conversations.