Sunday, July 22, 2007

Healthy snacking

Snacks are not always the culprit that they are made out to be in a weightloss plan. Eating little and often is the mantra to healthy eating and weightloss. Given below are some healthy snacks which actually helped me lose weight after pregnancy:
  • Brown bread/Multigrain bread with a thin layer of cottage cheese
  • Fruit salad (Do not include high calories fruits such as mango or avocado)
  • Rice cake with toppings of fresh fruit
  • Fruit smoothie ( has some recipes and you can also modify them according to your taste).
  • Puffed rice (I mix them with raw onions, slices of tomatoes, chillies and fresh coriander leaves)
  • Skimmed milk
  • Salted Lassi (yoghurt blended with water)
  • A bowl of salad (many possibilities exist here but avoid salad dressings.)
  • Cherry tomatoes/baby carrots (one cup) with a yoghurt dip.

If you like hot drinks during the day then green tea is great as it has antioxidants and tastes good without sugar.It also helps the body to burn fat.

Healthy snacking, if done wisely, can be our ally in our weightloss efforts as it can fuel our metabolism and take the edge off our hunger during the main meals.


Neelum said...

Hey, I was watching the Oprah show & Dr. Oz, who is a very well known doctor has this to say about salad dressings: Use Olive oil & Vinegar as salad dressing. Olive oil provides healthy amino fatty acids, thus it is much more healthier to have that. And at no time should we use mayonnaise, tomato ketchup with high sugar content.

Malina said...

That's a very good tip as olive oil is very healthy. Other dressings, even non-fat commercial dressings are definitely out.Even the non-fat commercial dressings have a lot os sugar and salt..