Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ibnat's Coke

We all know that carbonated drinks are an absolute "no no" for children.But with fast food a part of our life isn't it sometimes impossible to totally avoid it? For example, whenever we go to KFC or McDonalds my daughter Ibnat sees us sipping fizzy drinks and so she demands her "Coke" as well......incidentally she labels all soft drinks as "Coke".

I learnt a way to minimize the negative effects of cola drinks for children from an aunt of mine who used this simple but innovative idea everytime her daughter demanded a cola drink (ofcourse when my cousin grew up and found out "the real thing" that was another story). The trick is to simply dilute the fizzy drink with water. You can take a little bit of "Coke" and a lot of water. As long as the drink looks dark the child will be happy. Ibnat has even accepted the fact that her "Coke" will always be mixed with water and we carry her water bottle everytime we go out to eat.

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