Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The making of a Swimming Champion

On 8th July, we went to the swimming pool at Ranjeeta's residential complex. The pools have been recently renovated, and the pool side as well as the pools are spectacular. The poolside has wooden flooring and some tables and chairs. There are showers, barbecue pits, and even a jacuzzi !!
It was a bright and sunny day, Aadi (my son) was very happy to see the pool. To his twinkling eyes it was a huge bath tub that was waiting to be splashed in..
I started to put the inflatable arm-bands around his arms and made such a face...and was trying to wriggle his arms out of them. But I stayed put and sent him off to the baby pool with his Papa. Two minutes in the pool and Aadi was very unhappy and made it quite evident to us as well. We then took him out of the water and this time we put on a floating vest, a bright yellow with some cartoon.
Once again back in the water, Aadi was horrified to find himself floating in water and that too with the vest coming up to his head!! After a few minutes and lots of encouraging words and cajoling by all of us he got comfortable and then started venturing along the periphery of the pool, holding the blue border as he cruised along.
He enjoyed a lot and was happy that his Papa was also there in the pool to enjoy with him. I was overjoyed to see father & son share a precious and winderful time in each others company. Although there were moments when Amol splashed water and Aadi absolutely hates that, then a bit of agonised cries for "Mumma" came about but the situation was under control as soon as Amol stopped the splashing. After almost an hour, the vest was removed much to Aaditya's relief and my of my !! he was so happy and was saying all sorts of things in his gibberish language....
Then father & son spent some time learning the act of swimming, learning to move the legs correctly to move ahead; Aadi actually managed to do it. We were proud parents, and Aadi was one delighted baby.
When another 30 minuted passed, I said it was time for the session to end. Amol got out of the pool and Aadi very innocently beckoned him to "si-si" meaning "sit-sit" on the pool-steps. We were rolling with laughter !! But as all good things must come to an end, we had to leave the pool and head home for a shower and some food. On the way back home Aadi was wearing his old bath robe.
We decided to take him swimming more often so that he develops his love for water into something more fun like swimming.


Preeti said...

Heyy!! Adi seems to have enjoyed every bit of it!!! He looks really cute in the jacket!!!

Malina said...

Loved reading ur post....can imagine what fun Adi had in the pool. And I like the pool toys that u get in Singapore. They really make the pool a funplace for kids.

Sonia said...

this is fantastic - swimming is a great thing - its a life skill - like bicycling and interesting because i just saw a clipping on the news which talked for swimming sessions for mums and babies (as young as three months old)which are being offered around london. Aadi enjoying his swimming sessions is providing me enough incentive to try them out.