Friday, July 6, 2007

At last a good book on baby food

I came across this book 'Feeding your Baby & Toddler' written by Annabel Karmel. This is a wonderful book for first time mothers as it gives a complete insight into food for babies and toddlers. The book is divided into sections as per the age group of the child. It also has detailed recipes with (i love this part) the nutrients and vitamins in each dish. There are plenty of colourful decoration ideas so that the food looks good and appetising to kids. I think this book will make a lovely gift for a first time mom as it gives you everything you need to know about making food, the utensils and apparatus needed to make good, fresh and hygienic baby food at home. It also has lots of recipes for fast food for toddlers, fussy eaters, family meals, etc.
All in all I feel I should have found this book when my son was going to start eating his first foods. None the less now that I have it I am going to make good use of it.

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