Monday, July 16, 2007

Comfort Foods

Comfort foods are the gastronomic equivalent of a relaxing shower or a favorite blanket. Many people crave comfort foods when they are stressed out or away from home or overworked. With two kids and a house to run I often feel frazzled and tend to seek refuge in food. I know that this is something that I should not be doing but I just can't help it at times.

My favorite comfort foods are icecream and potato crisps. I usually take potato crisps with a can of diet drink or a cup of hot Milo. I find hot Milo refreshing even in warm weathers....somehow hot drinks soothe me more. I am unable to lose weight partly because of my comfort foods. I indulge in emotional eating especially during those long afternoons when I have to keep my active toddler occupied.

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Amolsledge said...

Comfort foods are good if one does not have them more than certain times within a week or so, else these start harming health. Items usually branded as Diet are more harmful since the sugar content that these drinks are more easy to dissolve in our blood and more prone to cause diabetes if taken too often.
I usually wonder, why comfort foods taste and tempt the most to us. They are usually crispier, with a tingy spicy taste...hmm time for me to taste one of the comfort foods... kya kare control hi nahi hota.....