Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bombay Cafe Singapore

On 8th July we headed to Suntec City for digging into our favourite Chaats, Indian-Chinese, Faloodas, Mithais at the Bombay Cafe. It is located at Basement 1 of Tower 3. The ambiance is same as the Tanjong-Katong branch, though we had liked the out side seating at Katong.

We were all prepared with what we wanted to eat. I wanted to sink my teeth into a mouth watering 'Ragda-Pattice' followed by a 'Paav-Bhaji'. I was just thinking about the sweet dish when the waiter came by and informed us that the Buffet was all laid out and that we should try it. What got us hooked was that there was to be a 'free-flow' of starters like 'Bhel', 'Paani-Poori' etc. So it was decided that we would indulge in the buffet.

The waiter got us a plate each of 'Bhel', 'Paani-Poori' & 'Papdi-Chaat'. The 'Paani-Poori' was delicious and brought back fond memories of home. For me the taste was a little bland as I prefer more spice and sour. Ohh !! forget it I just can't find anything that tastes better than my "Ganesh-Bhel" stall along Paud Road in my hometown of Pune.

After tackling the starters we headed for the buffet tables. I looked around, walked from start of the line to its end. Saw a lot of pickles, papads, raita, salads etc. But I was disappointed to see the selection of vegetables (Bombay Cafe serves only vegetarian fare). There were two types of Okra, one was fried the other was a 'Kadhi' infused with Okra.
There was a 'Baingan-Masala', fried potato, 'Daal-Makhni', Veg Manchurian, Szechwan noodles and vegetables.

Plain rice as well as 'Jeera-rice' were also there. The 'Naans' were to be ordered as per our desire. We asked for the 'Butter' & 'Garlic' Naan.

I had some noodles and veggies in Szechwan style, which were nice. after this I did not know what to eat as nothing appealed to me. Finally I settled for 'Baingan-Masala', lots of salad and some 'Dahi-mix-veg Raita'.

Then came my favourite part..sweets !!! I managed to eat one 'Gulab-jamun', and one 'Ras-Malai' which was Yummmmm !!!!

Finally dinner was over and although we were not so pleased with our choice to go in for the Buffet we were in a better mood all thanks to the sweets.

As we were waiting for Amol to come out, I asked CS (our friend) to get me some 'Saunf'. I had the most horrifying moments when I found 2 stones in the 'Saunf' and that too in the 'Saunf' that was in my mouth now :(
Such a horrible end to an OK evening...

If anyone from Bombay Cafe reads this, please make sure the 'Saunf' is clean. It is the smaller details that finally remain in the minds of customers.

For more information check out their website.


Amolsledge said...

I would rate Bombay Cafe 8 on a scale of 1-10 10 being higher for the Chaat items. The ambience and feel of the place would be rated at 9 for the Tanjong Katong location and 6 for the Suntec outlet for ambience & service.
I felt a little betrayed by the recommendation by the cafe staff for going ahead with the Buffet which I would think was not at all invigorating to the taste senses & left a bad impression about the buffet. Hope they can improve upon this in future.

Preeti said...

Heyy.. Hard luck for me... Remember we just missed it...I would have loved to try this one out during my trip to Singapore!!!