Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time spent well

Time spent well
One of the reasons for taking up this house was that a couple who are our pals stay close by. Praveen and I were colleagues when I was working with Marcus Evans, his wife Amisha is from Mumbai so we have an entire country in common to talk about!!
Over weekends we spend time together when we can, since both of them work, we can't meet on week days, so it is a good thing when ever we can meet up. They are a couple who are very health conscious & exercise regularly & most importantly watch what they eat; this means we have a lot to learn from them as Amol & I have none of those attributes.
We meet over lunch, and we share the load of cooking so that we can actually enjoy the meal & not feel tired after slogging it in the kitchen!! We watch bits n pieces of movies somehow I don't recall watching an entire movie with them !! We exchange movie CDs, gossip about the stars, talk about almost everything under the sun..
Aadi is also growing fond of them, though he has struck it off with Praveen from day 1 with his demand for Cars movie..earlier he used to call it "pitchie-car" now it has become shorter to "p-car".
I like spending time with friends, just hanging out, without any agenda. It feels good to know that there is some one who cares, & is there for you in your hour of need. I equate spending time with friends with investing, coz like investments your friendship depends on the time you give your friends & also the little space in your mind & heart for them. That's why I say that all the time spent with friends is a time spent well.

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Ketaki said...

Good to know that your blog have started resembling the ones you posted when in S'pore (about friends, time spent together, hanging out etc) and that means you are in great spirits.
Check my post- "who needs friends"
Here's wishing you a great year ahead of you and may you invest money wisely, love foolishly (there is no other way) and blessings benignly.