Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aftermath of the Dhaka Trip

We have just come back from our one and a half month stay in our hometown Dhaka and I am still sorely missing my family and my country.

My hubby did not get a long leave from office and he stayed for three weeks only. I stayed on in Dhaka for another three weeks with the kids.When Faisal was in town I was at my inlaws place and when he went away I shifted to my mum's place with the kids.

It was our first trip to Dhaka after coming to Singapore and it was filled with precious moments with family members and friends. There were moments of chaos, (isn't it expected when there are two toddlers to manage?) panic and sadness (there was a death in the family) but on the whole the trip was a good one.

My sister was also in Dhaka from States as it was her spring break and she had a great time with her niece and nephew especially with her niece. Yes, Nayaz kept trying to attract her attention but Bonna, my sis, is more fond of my daughter. She keeps saying that Iba is any day more interesting than Nayaz. My sister and Iba share a love of dancing and together they danced to the tunes of the lates Hindi and bangla songs.Iba also had a lot of fun with my young cousins especially "Saquib Mama".

There were lots of dinner and lunch invitations and I always ended up complaining to mom that I had nothing to wear (like during college days). Sometimes we had to attend both dinner and lunch invitations on the same day.

Even when we shifted to my mum's place, Iba used to visit her "dadi's" place quite often because she enjoys being with her cousins.In my in law's place the tenants also have kids and there are some young servants and so "Iba" was part of a "gang" of kids. I could see what fun she was having just by looking at her face. Even Nayaz was not left out. He relished all the attention he was getting and he came back a changed person (I mean baby). He now wants somebody to interact with him all the time. He started taking his first steps during this trip and we were all excited as he was a late crawler and everybody expected him to be a late walker.

Now that we are back in Singapore I am hit by loneliness because the house suddenly seems quieter. But I am sure that I'll recover from this temporary depression as soon as I settle down.


Sonia said...

Welcome back Malina, i can totally understand the nostalgia you are feeling. And Congratulations to little Nayaz on his first steps.

Malina said...

Thanks Sonie. Congrats to Mihir also on his first steps. They look so adorable when they take their "wobbly" steps.

Neelum said...

Malinssssssss welcome back :)
I felt good after talking to you the other day!! I too was missing you :)
Both boys are walking...good :) I want to snaps of both the respective mommies pls take note & send them right away !!
Malina keep urself super busy that way you will not have time to miss home, go to the library, stock up on books...the works!!