Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A new start

It was one long vacation and i did enjoy every bit of it. Lots happened over the course of the last two months - taking into account the prologue and the epilogue to the vacation.

Well Mihir celebrated his first birthday, started walking, got his first haircut, got a new pair of shoes, understands a whole new set of words and makes dozens of new sounds, has proved himself to be a real cool traveler and a slightly fussy eater... the list goes on. The best bit in the entire vacation was, without a doubt, spending time with family and friends - that really rejuvenated our spirits - and as usual however long the vacation is, it still felt too short.

Getting back to London meant feeling a pang of loneliness. However this time around i am determined not to let it affect me. For starters, this time around i have resolved to eat healthier - and to that effect i am planning to make some menus and plan meals for a couple of days to get me started and ease my grocery ordering. The other thing i want to do is to get up earlier - starting the day early seems to give me so much time - i hope doing this will help me set aside an hour of "me-time" everyday. I hope to put in atleast two posts every week - it would be nice if Neelum and Malina hold me to this. While this list can go on, i think if i decide to do just one thing and achieve it i will be much happier and this should give me the confidence to take on new things. So here's to a new start.

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Neelum said...

hey good to see u writing again...and welcome back to the real world. I will remind you about the posts, Malina also needs to put in much more after her vacation. Next two weeks I will be super busy with my parents so may not be able to write, but will definitely try. Kids being kids out-grow some things n cultivate new likes & increasingly know what they do not like. I regret the fact that our kids miss out on the love of their grand parents, where it is proven to have a great positive effect on the kids, they seem to also learn a lot in their presence...