Friday, January 18, 2008

The first week

I have told you all about our first day at pre-school, this time I'll just feed you on the entire week gone by. All in all it was a good week. He is happy with the school, has learnt some new things.
We as a family are actually seeing the sun rise, also clicking some snaps to capture the sheer beauty of those moments. I for one felt a bit rushed with all the morning routine, waking up at 6, and making sure all breakfasts, lunches are made. But in a way it does save me a lot of time later on in the day. The first day of school I had made suji ka halwa for Aadi, but I don't think that was enough to carry him on till mid-day, well he does drink milk first thing when he wakes up, but still I felt halwa was not enough for him. So day-2 onwards, I made chapati for him for breakfast, and gave it to him with his favourite dal, sambar, moong-sabji, milk even. With this change in breakfast, I saw him coming out of school with still some energy in him, and not cranky with hunger. Also to confirm my deductions, Dr. Oz was on Oprah that day & he stressed the importance of fiber & carbohydrates (whole) in the first meal of the day, and since Aadi is not into corn-flakes or any cereal I think Chapati is the best option for him. For the break time I send one poly-pack of Milo with him along his water bottle, Milo just in case he does not eat his snack at school. But the feedback from the teachers is that he eats a bit of the snack so that is progress for me.
Day-2: The day was good, we decided that we (the parents) would drive him to school, all was good till it was time to enter the school gates, he clung onto me for a while, & asked me to go inside with him. I assured him that I would be back to pick him up & that he has to enjoy the day till then. After this short talk he was fine & went in. When I went to pick him up, he gave me his most beautiful smile, and my day was made.
Day-3: We did not send him, as we thought he needs a break, so he slept till late & had a relaxing day at home.
Day-4: This day, Aadi went alone with Amol, I went to the parking with them & strapped him up, at that point he saw that I was not going, so again he was a bit clingy, but then we made a very excited environment, about he getting to go all alone with his Papa in his car etc. I also gave him the map-book just to make him feel important. At the school, there was no scene, he did a proper good-bye, and threw a flying kiss to his Papa.
Day-5: Today I did not even go to the parking, I said bye to him at the door, he was OK after a second, and said bye cheerfully, again at school Papa got a nice good-bye.

New things learnt: What noise an elephant makes, learnt so say 'naughty boy', learnt to say his full name, says 'i don't know' with a finger on his cheek, and when I ask him what he wants to eat he goes "hmmmmmmmm" into a thinking mode, and then comes up with options.

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Amolsledge said...

Well that sure was a long week - but lot of things to take from it. Rightly said getting up early makes lot of things happen.. I got to spend quality time at my office.. & secondly I got to know that aadi catches up on things fast & he is a fast adapter.. within 2 days he started knowing that he has to be in school when pappa leaves him at the school gate & he will without any hesitation walk to his school & start with his chores...we have to get a Car seat for him..although he is most disciplined person sitting next to me:) in the car...and he is curious to know what are all the parts in the car & will be asking in his very funny & lovable way " This is ?" and you have to tell him what it is.. and within few days he starts repeating the words you have told him... love the time when I drop him to the school...