Friday, January 4, 2008

Recovering from a cold

On 31st December, I was to attend a last minute dinner with hubby's office people...with no time on hand, I made a dash to the bathroom & washed my hair then laboriously combed plenty of conditioner into them. Mind you all this was taking place at 7:30 pm!! The result was a bad cold on the morning of the first day of the new year ... I suffer from Sinusitis, so usually never catch a cold, the last time I had a cold was almost 3 years back!!
Thus my new year began with plenty of "aaachoo" & "snif-snif" and of course good old tissue (where would we be without tissue paper in our life...good idea for another post!!). During the nest 4 days I had a good flowing nose, and with plenty of Vitamin C in the form of orange juice, lemon pickle, and some good cups of tea & coffee and yes I must share this with you: eating boiled eggs gives immense relief to our sneezing soul, I thought everyone ate eggs when they had a cold but few friends I spoke to did not know it...
So with all the 'good-for-cold' stuff going into my system, I thought my cold was done with. But No....the cold does not want to leave me so soon...After the fourth day, the nose stopped flowing, the headache worsened & every part above my neck hurt as though some one is hammering a nail into it!! So finally this Saturday I made way to the Doctor, she is a nice lady, smiles a lot, cracks a joke, listens to you, and is in no hurry to give you a sackful of tablets; she sits at the Clinic Ashvini along Jalan Telawi, near Berry's cake shop quite close to Bangsar Village.
Since Saturday I am on a flu pill & an antibiotic, she's also given me menthol crystals to use when I take a steam...problem is I hate taking steams...they suffocate me. I am still struggling to meet demands of my normal life like giving time to my son, making lunch for hubby.....I hope I feel better soon as I hate being sick !!
Plan to make some piping hot pepper-infused soup for that should make me feel better !!


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Get Well Soon!


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Hi Neelum,

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