Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to all !!

This year I have decided to not make any resolutions because they seem to never get done. So instead I have planned to keep it very simple.

Love what ever you do...and most importantly: Do ONLY what you love !!

Simple enough, right?
It is actually a very deep & well thought of well...thought, over the years I have realised that we spend our time in doing things as chores and not really participating in that event be it cleaning the house, cooking or laundry...but I must admit one thing, all things related to my bundle of joy are done with a lot of attention & involvement (Thank God for this) otherwise I would be a not-there kind of mom...which I absolutely detest.
We also do things like spending time with people who we don't really like but have to spend time with them as they may be our work associates or your neighbour. I mean the point is to spend time with people who inspire you in little or big ways, who make you feel good & create feelings that you want to grow & lead a better life.

I have also decided to love my home, and make it a reflection of who I am and what we are as a family. That does not mean I am going to call an interior designer and get it done but rather I am going to spend time making it a place where I love to be.

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