Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vist to Kinokuniya

I went to Kinokuniya bookstore today afternoon because I wanted to find out about the price and availability of the Oxford Reading Tree series . After picking up one set for my daughter, I browsed the children's section and I went crazy over their collection. It has an extensive collection of children's books which includes great read aloud books as well as board books and picture books.And I think it has the whole collection of Eric Carle's books...I never knew he wrote so many books until I visited Kinokuniya. The children's collection is so rich that I wanted to buy loads of books.But I stopped by reminding myself that the library is a source of great books and that I should first make a list of the books that I want to purchase.

I finally bought two letterland books,one set of phonics cards and one set of Oxford Reading Tree books. There was no time to look into the other sections of the bookstore as I knew that my kids would be up from their afternoon nap in a short while.

After going home and opening the Oxford Reading Tree set,I discovered that they were wordless picture books . I was quite disappointed as I wanted simple stories but the sets were all packed and there were no lose sets for checking what is actually inside. However,after going through the books,I saw that they were quite interesting and a teaching guide is there to guide the parents.


Neelum said...

I Kinokuniya !!
I too can't get enough of that seems less of a shop and more of a place of worship to me !! I could spend hours and hours there...or even have a mini vacation there.

Malina said...

Neelum you are so right when you say that it's like a place of worship....the perfect place for book worshippers.They have an amazing collection of children's books.....I also could go on for hours and hours only if I had the time.