Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Books that we have enjoyed recently

I keep borrowing books from the library for my kids as I love reading to them and they love being read to. Some books that we have enjoyed recently are:
  • Curious George: This is a series on a mischievous monkey who is very active and is always getting into trouble. His adventures usually starts because of his inquisitive nature and at the end he usually is able to sort out the problems and even save the day!The only recurring character in the book,apart from George, is the man with the yellow hat, who is his master and who had brought him from the jungle.Curious George was brought to life by the writing of Margret Rey and the illustrations of her husband, H. A. Rey in the 1940s.Since then it has been translated into many languages and remains very popular among children. My four year old is very fond of curious George but I think the books are a bit too "wordy" for my two year old son. We have just read a few books of the series.

  • I'll teach my dogs a 100 words by Dr.Seuss: Both my kids loved this book and it is a great book for reading aloud because of the rhyming words. Unlike some other Dr.Seuss books,it is not very lengthy.

  • There is an Alligator under my bed by Mercer Mayer: My daughter was fascinated by this story (I think more so because I read it at bedtime!) and I also quite like the book. It is about a boy who is sure that there is an alligator under his bed. Getting no sympathy from his parents who "never saw it'', he forms a plan of attack. He leaves a trail of food from his bed through the house to the garage door. He then follows behind secretly as the alligator gobbles up the goodies, fresh vegetables and fruit making its way to the garage. The boy then locks the door and thereby traps the alligator in the garage. The last page shows the note he leaves for his father, telling him that there's an alligator in the garage and to wake him up if he needs help.Kids will relate to this young hero's triumph over normal childhood fears and the clever solution that he comes up with.

    I am looking forward to borrowing some more books next week and one of the books is "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson. I have borrowed this book several times and it is well-loved at our home...more about this later....

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