Monday, May 11, 2009


Ever since I came to Singapore,threading my eyebrows and upper lip has been a real problem for the simple reason that very few beauty parlours here actually practise threading.Mostly for facial hair removals, they use waxing and for eyebrows they use tweezers.

But I somehow prefer threading because it has fewer side effects than the other methods of removing facial hair. Waxing is perfect for arms and legs but it seems so harsh for face due to all that tugging and pulling.Using hair removing cream also doesn't seem right for face because I read somewhere that it may lead to darkening of the skin in the long run.

Previously,I used to go to Little India for threading but fortunately I found an Indian beautician in a nearby beauty parlour a few months ago. I threaded my eyebrows and upper lips from her a few months ago but after that I did not do any threading due to lack of opportunity and ofcourse my own laziness.Yesterday,when we went to Bishan and while my daughter was doing "rubber art" in the Junction 8 mall, I saw that beauty parlour. Usually I am alone there with the kids and never get to go to the beauty parlour.I went to the parlour and asked whether the Indian beautician was available and the girl at the reception said yes.And so I went back to the area where my daughter was doing artwork to request Faisal to babysit both the kids so that I could be in the parlour for half an hour. He agreed to it (or rather had to because I was so insistent) and so I rushed in the parlour to do full facial threading. My skin is tanned due to the strong Singapore sun and so I thought a full threading would take away some of its effects.

The beautician was very skilled in threading and so it hurt less but the pain was still formidable.However,at the end of the process I was quite pleased with the results! My skin looked brighter and smoother. Somehow waxing doesn't give the smooth lines that I get from threading!


Neelum said...

hey that Indian lady had better stay on in that parlor till i get there !! then we can visit together and leave hubbys to baby sit ;)
one thing you could try is carry your own toner/astringent to the place and dab it onto the threaded area. This will counter any swelling that may occur. After this ask the lady to give you some almond (or any rich) cream to help moisturize. This will help to remove the "Ouch" from the threading.
For tan: rub some tomato on to your skin, and leave for 10 minutes..wash off !!
Feels good to have a beauty-post after so long....

Malina said...

Thanks for the great tips!The almond cream should be applied before or after the threading? I will also try the tomato thing to remove my tan.Yes,we can visit her together when you come to Singapore.Tell me beforehand because she is usually very busy with her facial appointments.

Neelum said...

First the threading...then the toner..then comes the almond cream.
Hey and I forgot to tell you....if toner is not there...just ask for ice...or better always ask for ice.

Anonymous said...

I heard/read somewhere that waxing helps get rid of sun tan.