Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This week 6 years back

This week six years ago I met Amol, in a very traditional meeting, typical girl-meets-boy, in front of family and they talk and then decide if they like each life partners !!
We both were just talking about the events and recalled every small detail as though it all happened just yesterday!!
There were lots of funny moments...lots of things seem so funny or outrageous now that we can't stop laughing about them...
Amol used to live in KL that time, and had come down for a week to see all the girls his parents had shortlisted (so typical NRI na...), well I was one of them and his parents had met us all some months back.
So as the days to Amol's arrival got near, his parents called and we decided to meet them in Pune (we used to live in Mumbai then), now why Pune and not Mumbai where it would have been easier?
Well at that time SARS was at it's height and we did not want to take chances with Amol !!! ha ha ha, and we even had a family joke going that 'if Amol sneezes just run away...' !!!!
OK, so he came, went to Pune and we went to our home there, and then on 4th they all came to our home, we all spoke, then our brothers..(my Dada and Amol's younger brother Parag) decided that we (youngsters) should sit separately from the they arranged chairs in the balcony and we spoke some more...then slowly the brothers excused themselves to go inside leaving us both alone !!! ha ha ha I remember we laughed at that moment even then.
When we were alone, we chatted generally...and he asked me 'our education is same...our professions are at the same level..would it lead to conflicts?' I first burst out laughing.....and then told him 'conflicts will happen anyway...not necessarily due to same education etc' and then laughed some more....
They went back then...
Evening we were to go to their home, and tell our decision...oh yes before that we went to lunch some where ..Shreyas I think it sure though..
There we met my MBA pals Ajit and his lovely wife Harshala....and Ajit understood what was going on, then in his own way struck up a conversation with Amol, then as he was leaving he signalled to me 'he is good..go ahead' !!! So much for friendly advice !!
Evening we went to their home and we were asked by my now FIL if we like each other...we very coyly said yes...and then we decided the engagement date and wedding date.
As simple as that .... no Pundit only our ever faithful & trusted 'Kalnirnay' to guide us.
So engagement was set for the 10th of May in Mumbai, wedding November 2nd.
That week while I was in Pune, we even did our shopping for the Engagement, my saree at Shagun, his clothes at Shoppers' Stop, our rings at my favourite Tanishq.
The next day we went to COEP boatclub for a date !! Did a lot of talking, had some chai etc...and he sang a song for me.....boy I was floored !!
Now after all these years with him through some rough weather and mostly bright fun and laughter filled days....I am only glad that I chose him as my life partner.....
Love you A!!


Smita said...

My wedding story has been similar with Parag being an NRI too :-)

Malina said...

Enjoyed reading this Neelum.It is good that the love is still alive and you still cherish the decision to go for A.