Sunday, May 10, 2009


Boggle is a great game for children as it is entertaining as well as educational! I bought the preschoolers (ages 3-6) version a few weeks ago for Zunairah and she loves playing it.

The game has picture cards,word cubes and a rack for displaying the cards.When two people are playing they take turns and one person would pick up a picture card and display it.The opponent would then build the word by choosing the appropriate letteres from the word cubes. Suppose if "Frog" is displayed the card would display the picture of the frog as well as the spelling and the child will build "f-r-o-g" by choosing the letters.The spelling can even be kept hidden when your child is beginning to read so that he attempts to build the word by putting sounds together and guessing the spelling. So this game can be played on two skill levels.

Apart from being enjoyable,this game can teach preschoolers:
  • letter recognition
  • word recognition

  • reading

And they can learn all this under the disguise of play.In a game situation a child is so desperate to win that he absorbs concepts quickly even without realizing that he is learning.


Neelum said...

I love this game !!! I am going to look for it? Toys r Us? or elsewhere? Do tell me !!
It is also a great prelude game to scrabble ..

Malina said...

You can get it from Toys R'Us.It is also available in popular bookstores.I also got it from there and it is a great game for children in the age range of 3-6 years.And yes,as you said,it is a great prelude game to Scrabble.