Saturday, May 2, 2009


phewwwwwww what a month that was....April !! 
The month marked my son's start of proper school (i mean pre-school). My brother was here, we watch the Formula 1 race in Sepang and had a blast. Wait..........I have written all this before have I not?

Well on a personal note, it was a month where I began going to the gym ... no...not any hi-fi one  in some fancy mall....I just go to the gym that was there all these days in my own condo. It is a well equipped gym and has 2 treadmills., 2 cross-trainers, weight stations for all muscle groups, stationary bikes, some yoga/floor exercise mats and crunch-bench, push-up bench and weights.
I want to get fit and then climb aboard those me now they look snooty and snobish as though to say that "you're not ready to come to us yet" for now it is just me and the trusty old (err it is not is quiet new) treadmill. I walk for 25 minutes, well why 25 because I increased my time by 5 minutes every 4 odd days at a time..and had started with 15 minutes.
I tried increasing the incline, but my back ache came it was back to zero-incline and a speed of 5.5
I know 5.5 is not a great speed but please yaar...consider the fact that my bones and muscles have not done much in the last 2 odd years. Only if walking in malls was considered exercise I would be a marathon athlete by now ;)
I feel good after the walk and the sweat...
I go and sit by the pool in the sun for 15minutes after the walk....why? aarre bhai Vitamin D khane ke liye. In 15 minutes our body makes over 10,000 IU of Vitamin D. 
On one such sitting session I met an Aunty in the pool who was teaching a kiddo, I started talking to her and minutes later I had a swimming coach ready to make a fish out of me every thursday !!!! (have I told u this before?...even if I have...just bear with me)
The gym and all takes a good 50 minutes off from my limited 'alone-time'. After that it is a rush rush to the kitchen to finish off Aadu's lunch and mine and also to eat some great wheat-flakes with some cold non-fat milk. This really puts energy in my system minus the calories.
I am still trying to figure out short-cuts or rather faster ways to ensure all of us are well fed and by that I mean the quality. My bath is then a very rushed affair and I barely have time to relax in front of the TV to catch up with Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart for 10 odd minutes...then off I run to fetch my darling bachha.
In all this I am looking for work-from-home options and have sent in my rusty old CV to a few places....I just hope something comes by soon !! I really need it.

Ok for this month, I hope that I can write daily...maybe shorter ones...I am going to really make an effort.
Chalo is off to buy some velcro white school shoes for Aadu as per instructions of his teacher. They have a problem with the laced-up ones !!!!!!!! Gosh....and then next term or so they will teach the kids to tie shoe-laces (minus the laced-shoes) and then the kids can't do it is a vicious circle....
For now, I will buy the velcro ones but I will get Aadu only the laced ones so that he learns to tie them, more importantly the soles on the laced up ones are thin and very good to the still-forming feet of this age-group; the velcro ones are very stiff soled !!

OK OK...the husband and the kid has finished their game of Wii and I must go now...


Malina said...

Neelum,what a coincidence!I also started exercising this month.As for you backaches when you walk on incline,it is very normal and you are right in decresing the incline.What you can do is after five minutes of warming up you can put in your maximum effort for one minute followed by three minutes of walking at normal speed.This speeds up weightloss.And also suck in your stomach as much as possible.This protects your back.

Neelum said...

thanks for the great tip Malina!! I will do it from this week.
about sucking in the stomach...there is so much of it to suck in....I wonder if I will be able to walk after doing that !!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Smita said...

Neelum you must share your F1 experience when u can.Keep up the spirit of exercising at the gym.I dont do it but I encourage people who are sincere :-)
In case you really get bored of the gym the Wii Fit could be your option...
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