Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2010 - what I bought

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a much awaited event in our household. The last year we really went mad and crazy and bought loads and loads of books...I have written extensively about it in this previous post.

This year we went on the 14th of November.....yes I know or rather realised later that it's Children's Day in India !!! So that was my excuse for buying books for my son and me (well I also am my parent's child no??? so it was my Children's Day also !!)

I did not have a lot of energy this time...the husband was also travelling all week so was exhausted too....but it was soooooooo sweet of him to take me to the sale and be patient enough while I browsed. He had his turn with browsing too, but this time I knew he was more tired than eager to look for good books.

My strategy for this year was to buy Asian authors for myself and non-American and Non-UK authors for my son.

Here's what all I picked up this year.
  1. The concubine of Shanghai - Hong Ying
  2. The river of lost footsteps. A personal history of Burma- Thant Myint - U
  3. The immortals - Amit Chaudhuri
  4. The opium clerk - Kunal Basu
  5. Tiger Hills - Sarita Mandanna
  6. The hungry tide - Amitav Ghosh
Have finished reading the first one on the list, and it was a good read, and I got to learn about life in China (a bit).
The second one is what I am reading now, and am loving every page of it. Who knew reading history could be so much fun...well especially when we don't have to mug it up for an exam !!

For Aadu here's what we picked up:
  1. The gentle lion - Takashi Yanase
  2. Little daughter of the snow - Arthur Ransome
  3. Little donkey's wish - Udo Weigelt
  4. Copy & color in
  5. Drawing fantasy art
Considering last year's number...this year we picked up only a few....but all's OK....since we stuck to my strategy and plan.

What books have you bought/read lately?

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