Sunday, November 28, 2010

Resuscitating our beloved blog

It feels great to see that Neelum is resuscitating our blog whom we have neglected sorely this year. I was looking at all the posts and I was shocked to discover that I have posted only once this year and that too in February!!!!!!!!!

Time passes so quickly when you have young children but that's really no excuse for not posting in the blog. I have seen mothers with newborns who blog regularly and so what excuse do I have with four and  five year olds?

From now on I have pledged to myself to blog regularly.It can be a short post or even a video but it would be great if all of us can keep writing and interacting with our readers and fellow bloggers.


Neelum said...

Way to go Malina !!! I am soooooooooo happy that you too are joining in (again) !!
Lets get back to our old selves and blog regularly...even if it is small posts or videos.

Amolsledge said...

Well well...ladies...Good thoughts... let's see whether you stick to it... I think start by 1 post atleast a week by all of you.. and I am sure things will be better and more blogs would be seen...