Thursday, December 3, 2009

The book sale...where I went mad

The Big Bad wolf Book sale was on, and I had the calendars marked, actually 3 of them marked so that I don't miss the sale under any circumstances.
The first day was last Thursday, and I wanted to go in early in the morning, but since it was a school day, I decided to go in at 4 PM after the kid was well fed and had dozed off for a couple of hours.

I had told another mommy blogger about the sale, and we had made a pinky-promise to exchange notes depending on who went first. Well she went first and I had my first review and reaction wherein she told me that it's amazing and the prices are to die for, and the collection of books was superb. Now these are the only things that a book lover like me needs. She also warned me about the crowd and asked me to be careful with Aadi around. OK points noted, and I got about packing my bags, one with food and drinks for the Son, the others were huge IKEA bags to carry the books and yes a grocery trolley to dump books as I life them off the shelves.
All preparations done, I was awaiting the clock to strike 3:30 when the husband had volunteered to come & pick us up. I love you for this dear Hubby !!

As we approached the place (Amcorp Mall), I saw people with bag full of books, and I felt that I should have come in the morning to pick up all the hot stuff. But never mind lah .... I was sure to find good ones still waiting for me. I firmly believe in the adage 'daane daane per hota hai khaanewale ka naam' just tweek it a bit and it reads 'kitaab kitaab per hota hai padhnewale ka naam' (wow i'm good at this).
All said & done I was after all going with a well researched & thought-out strategy. I was going to attack the large books, your typical coffee table type books, about flowers, grasses, animals etc. These are usually priced very high & it's a great buy if you can get them at a bargain price. I'm talking fresh books people, not second hand ones.

We entered the place, there was no line to get inside as opposed to the morning rush where people had waited in line for upto 30 minutes just to enter !!

We went on picking books, the coffee table types, the cook books, the parenting ones, some management ones, some biographies, and yes books for the young reader at home.
We walked out with 40 books that cost us 340 RM, and I can give it in writing that we got a great deal.

After this round, I deposited the son with the Dad who took him to his workplace nearby....this was strategy # 2. So that I had some my-time at a place that I like. Again I went in and came out with 9 books, this time, some light non-fiction, and more management books.

I was/am so overjoyed to see all those books in my house. I have yet to find shelf space for all, but they are my reading material for as long as they last......

I get my love of reading from both my parents, and I am happy to see my boy turning into one too.

I finished reading the first book- Many lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss; finished it in 2 days and then started with a light non-fiction called 'Waiter Rants'.

Will keep an reading update on this blog.

So any of you who went to the book share your story and what all you bought.
I will put up the list in the next post.

Adios....the waiter waits to be read


Malina said...

Neelum,I can absolutely relate to the excitement you felt at the book sale.During the NLB sale here,I went crazy.But I am taking a valuable tip from you and I will hunt for coffee table books in the next sale.

I am also a lover of books and I can see the refection of this love of books in my two children!My daughter especially loves going to bookstores and browse through books!

Yaggya said...

Thank U Neelum for informing me about the sale and it sure was awesome to see the wide variety of books at such affordable prices. We too got crazy looking for books. Unfortunately, as u mentioned, the crowd was too much in the morning, and it was probably a good idea to come in the afternoon. We also had to hurry up so as to reach home before our daughter came home. We bought a few parenting books, few books for my daughter like children's GK, dictionary, story books while hubby collected many management books. Didnt manage to buy any fiction or nonfiction for myself due to lack of time. Surely will go next time round too. Thanks again

Swati said...

good fun na ..i loved it at the bangalore book fair though I bought mainly for the young reader :)

Anonymous said...

I read your other blog - 'Fruit of my Labour'. Good to know that Aadi is all well now. I too am from Vile-Parle, my parents still live there. And guess whats my Birthdate :) - 23rd Aug!