Monday, September 10, 2007

My tryst with beauty

Ever since a lady in the park asked me "Is your husband Chinese?" I have wanted to go to a salon and indulge in some/any beauty treatment that would restore my old beautiful skin to me. The lady of course meant no harm, it's just that my son is fair like his Papa and I have managed to let my skin suffer on account of my 'I don't have the time & energy' attitude.
I was on the lookout for a good parlour, but found none near my house, and worse still I was worried about leaving Aadi and going out without him!!
Finally I found one...again a lady in the park told me about this one (no it's not the same lady!!) the name is Indigo Palace, and is located along Serangoon Road in Little India.
I left home without having time for lunch and then bought some Samosas along the way, reached the parlour a good 20 minutes late for my appointment. I was greeted by a very friendly lady Saru, who told me about all the available services etc. I told her "do what you have to do, I just want my skin to look better". We settled for a Diamond Peel facial, though I was in favour of apna Shanaaz Hussain, but Saru said that the DP one was worth a try and that she would do it on half my face, and then show me the difference...If I like it she would continue on the rest of it...I was game...
Well as you guessed, half of my face looked clean, and all the dark blotches I had managed to accumulate were gone, so I consented into getting it done all over my face & neck. The process was quite painstaking, and it took good 2 hours to finish the facial. I was completely relaxed & at ease. Also feeling good about finally looking a bit like my old self.
I did a few other trivial things at the parlour, and finally headed home to meet my bachha and his Papa who were busy playing in the park when I reached.
I Promised myself to take good care of my skin and visit Indigo Palace every month. The place is spacious, clean and hygienic. Staff is helpful, smiling, and not pushy.


the Pizzazzy said...

How much did they charge you? I might visit... someday.. after I get over my duped experience.

Neelum said...

i had to part with 115SGD for the facial, full hands wax, and threading here n there !!
i feel it was quite reasonable, keeping in mind that it was a clean, hygienic and spacious place..i do recommend it.