Monday, September 10, 2007

I don't mean to be rude, but....

Yes you guessed it right !! Only Simon Cowell the famous judge from American Idol can say that...well it also is the title of his book which I read in the last couple of days.
I don't know what got me to pick up the book from the library but still I did...I must admit I liked what he says in the book and amazingly have started admiring the guy (man).
Let me tell you a bit of what I read in the book.
Simon grew up in an affluent family and his parents were friends with a lot of the top actors in Hollywood. He did not know what he wanted to do for a living, but he knew he wanted to earn a lot of money!! After a spate of boring interviews at various jobs (he did not want to take them up, as his father was trying to set him up) he finally accepted being a mailroom boy at EMI records. He worked very hard. He then worked as a runner at a TV production firm. All along he learned the trade from ground up. He came to know that music was what he was good at and that he had the knack of knowing what would be a he worked hard to make his dream a reality. He then tells us how he found and made numerous no. 1 hit songs. He then goes on to tell us how the Pop Idol show was conceived & then how after a lot of tough resistance the show was showcased in America as American Idol. He gives vivid details of the first two seasons of both Pop Idol as well as American Idol.
I liked the book because it was as if Simon himself was talking, the language, the honesty and the sheer guts to speak the truth on some one's face...i mean everything Simon. It was a good read..


himali said...

Simon night not be the nicest guy on the judging panel, but there is something about him that I have always when I think of it maybe its his brutal honesty...or just the straight face that he has. You cant really tell once the performance is over if he has liked it or now. Sometimes, when I watch Indian idol, I think Anu Malek behaves like him but he turns me off. Although sometimes his comments are very practical.

Amolsledge said...

I think he is one person in the sowbiz who talks his heart out when it comes to giving decisions. I am sure the results prove that his decisions in getting the right person for the title of american idol. The concept of Idol has been so popular that most of the countries have started this type of show. But as they say, original is finally which can't be beaten... I have bought the Album "El Divo" one of the groups found by Simon & you bet it is worth listening to..