Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our family last !!

My son turned two last month and we did not have a good family photograph up till a few days ago !! We had been putting it off far too often. It's not that we don't have photos of the three of us, but we did not have that special photo. To push matters further, Sonia wrote about their photography session, and we were we have to do it!!
So once we were strolling aimlessly in a mall, and chanced upon a stall that did family photograph sessions. We were hooked on immediately and booked ourselves for the following Saturday.
We had been asked to bring one set of clothes, and another set we were to choose from the studio. So each of us wore a red shirt and thought that would make the photographs special. Upon reaching the place, I was ushered into a makeup session, and I must say she did a good job, as I usually don't look good with make up. We then did some posing and tried to be natural..but the photographer insisted on a we did as we were told!! We changed into our nest set of clothes, I did not want to wear any western wear from the studio, so stuck to my salwaar kameez. After some more poses, we were done, as the photographer informed us we had already taken 50 odd snaps. Now was the toughest part of selecting 5 best ones from the existing was really tough!! We sat through it and finally had our favourite 5.
Now that we have the prints with us, I think it was the wisest money we ever spent.

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the Pizzazzy said...

Where is the family photograph?