Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A few of my favourite things...

What I want to do under this title, is to enlist my favourite things such as cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, shoes etc etc...all girly stuff basically.

So today I begin with my top-rated favourite things...and it is a Vitamin Enriched Face Base by Bobbi Brown.
I bought this thinking it to be a cream...a moisturising cream...and it turned out to be much more.
I love it for it's fragrance, it's super fresh and energising. The texture is as smooth as silk, it gets absorbed very easily into the skin, and most importantly it does not leave me looking oily.
The skin kind of just drinks up or soaks up all the goodness offered by this cream.
It has a host of great things for the skin like Shea butter, carrot extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, E etc.
It is a great way to start make up, and even if it's just a dab of powdered foundation or a loose tinted powder, all stays put on this base, and the finish is all smooth.
My current pot of goodness is almost coming to near finish....which reminds me I had better put this goody thing on my to-buy list ASAP !!

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