Friday, September 11, 2009

Artist in my house

Aaditya got the above star from his Mamaji for the following work.
The first one is a drawing depicting where we currently live, the boy is Aaditya who is looking out of the window, and he's looking at his friend "no-no" (moon). He used to call the moon as "no-no" when he was little.

This is his first attempt at writing number without the tracing sheets. He wrote them independently without help. His 7 and 9 are typical of a left handed person, so have to still work on them.
This picture shows Aadu's Mamaji's house, the building is tall, it has spiral or rounded finishes along some parts of its exterior, there is a hill to the right, the sun shines over the mountain.
On the other side of the building is a tall tree ..


Swati said...

So cool ..esp the last one

Malina said...

awesome,Neelum! I especially like the picture of Aditya looking out of the building at the moon.