Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo Albums in the age of filmless cameras!

A few weeks back when we were in Dhaka, Faisal and I were looking at some old pictures in photo albums. That is when we realized that we had taken the greatest number of pictures in 2007 but developed the least number of pictures in that very year! This is the reason why Ibnat has a beautiful photo album whereas Nayaz's photos are only soft copies in the PC.

That is when we decided that we would create a picture album for Nayaz by developing some of his photos. So my hubby developed some of the younger baby's photo while I was away in Dhaka and last weekend we completed pasting the pics in his album.

As we looked at Nayaz's newly pasted pictures , we were glad that we had compiled the album.There is nothing like looking at photo albums to relive old memories. Clicking "next" in the PC and looking at pictures does not give the satisfaction that we get from turning the pages of an album.


Sonia said...

so true - funnily enough - one of the things i always look forward to whenever i go back home is flipping through our childhood albums along with the others and the best thing is that there is a story someone remembers for almost every photograph. Tea time is happily spent with old albums - amusing stories and a hot cup of tea - epics can never top that.

Neelum said...

that sure reminds me to complete my "to-be-printed" folder in my PC and send it off for printing. In my home too the album is ready to be pasted with fotos, it's just that we are not getting around to get them printed....