Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Organizing the house after a vacation

Coming back home after a vacation is a lot like shifting to a new house (ok, maybe better because furniture doesn't have to be organized). The last few days have been extremely busy because I had to unpack everything that I had brought from home, organize them and make the house functional again for the kids.

I did a lot of shopping from hometown because clothes are really expensive in Singapore.So I have practically bought a year's supply of clothes for the kids. These had to be washed, dried and put in their places.

I was lucky that Faisal came earlier because he had dusted and cleaned up the house. So when I came I did not have to go through the trouble of cleaning up the house. So I utilized that time to stock up the kitchen with stuff like rice, dal, milk and baby food. I also had to buy stuff like floor cleaner, tissue boxes and toilet paper.

A lot of things have changed since we went for the vacation because my younger child Nayaz has started walking. Managing a household with two mobile kids is different than managing a household with a single mobile kid. Though I have a domestic help, the amount of household work that needs to be done still overwhelms me!

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