Friday, February 8, 2008

Penguin Tales

What a day it has been so far - not even finished half of it and its already upto the brim with adventures for little Mihir and (ofcourse, not to be left behind) me.

To being with, we spotted a fox on the communal lawn, from the balcony. And it looked quite small - not sure if distance was playing a trick on our eyes, but we would like to think it was a baby fox. That kept us occupied for a good fifteen minutes. It was time to get ready for messy play. Because it is the Chinese new year celebration fortnight - Mihir dressed up in his little red Chinese shirt. So off we went to messy play - there was shaving foam, and sopy water and a sand trough, some paints and sticky glue. Mihir had a go at everything and then after being quite messy decided to take a break and play some music instead - so he rummaged through the music box. Then it was time for some fruit and he had bits of grapes, banana, apple and pear.

While the children were eating their fruit, Sue (the early start play lady) had a very interesting story - it got all us mothers astonished and laughing - it was one good bit of stress busting. It started with Sue's friends visiting their friends at Edinburgh for Christmas. So during the vacation, because the kids were getting quite bored indoors, the adults decided to take them to the zoo. So off went 4 adults and 6 kids (all different ages) to the zoo. They had a nice time and as the trip progressed the adults noticed that the kids were behaving a little funny - they thought that they had had enough for the day and decided to return home. The kids were quiet on the way back. Once home, the kids headed straight up to their room and the adults thought that to be a little weird. After a while, it was time to snack and they noticed that the kids were not very interested and would keep coming down one by one. Finally having had enough of this funny behavior, one of the adults went upstairs and to the kids room and guess what - there was BABY PENGUIN in the middle of it. It turned out that the kids just picked him up and put him in the rucksack and kindly fed him some fish fingers. In the meanwhile the zoo authorities were called and they came by immediately to get the little penguin back and the adults were fined £500. By this time, the mothers had gasps of astonishment, admiration, shock, horror and of course all of this punctuated with generous doses of laughter. The kids finished with the fruit and we headed back home. Mihir slept on the way back and i couldn't wait to get to the computer and type out this one for you to enjoy.

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Malina said...

Only kids can get into these types of mischief.Quite an amusing story!