Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yes we're back & something about "Goodreads"

I joined "Goodreads" a couple of years back but only started using it actively a few months ago. "Goodreads" is a  free website/app   designed for people who are into reading.It's like a Facebook for readers where the status updates are what you are reading or are planning to read. Apart from entering  what books you are reading,you can see what's there in other people's  shelves. You can read reviews and write your own (which I am quite lazy about doing).

What's more ,you can set your Reading Challenge for the year and mine is 24 books for 2015. So far I have read 2  and gearing up for more!

Oh and for the books you are reading you can key in what percentage of the book you have completed. This keeps you going because when you see that you have read 9% of the book then you want to keep going and make it 15% or at least 10% for the time being.

If you're a reader then try it and see whether you like it! If you're using kindle, then you can link it up with your "Goodreads" account. All the more fun!

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